Herne Hill Music
Festival 2018. Oct. 5th-14th
Programme Young Musical Talent In Our Community

Young Musical Talent in our community

St Saviour's Hall

Herne Hill Road
SE24 0AY


The Holst Symphony Orchestra

The Holst Symphony Orchestra

In Harmony Lambeth, based in Vauxhall, brings 150 young musicians together every week after school to make music in orchestras, choirs and ensembles. The children have different levels of experience and quickly make the journey from learning to making a sound on their instrument, to performing at various well known venues.The Holst Symphony Orchestra is our most advanced Orchestra. Working as a team we learn together, help each other to create music and have lots of fun in the process.We rehearse every Thursday and Friday.

website of The Holst Symphony Orchestra
Bessemer Grange Samba Band

Bessemer Grange Samba Band

The twenty-strong Samba Band from Bessemer Grange Primary School will entertain us with their infectious Latin rhythms.

Young soloists

We hope to have several young soloists to entertain you. Those lined up so far are:

- Tabitha McGovern, cello, who will perform 3 French folk songs.
- Eleanor Chan, piano.
- Wiktoria Cwik, piano, who will perform the Allegro in G minor by Handel
- Julia Jasiewicz, piano, who will perform 'Just for Starters' by Mike Mower

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The event, Young Musical Talent in our community, will take place at St Saviour's Hall, and it will feature: Ensembles and soloists

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