Herne Hill Music Festival

OCT 2019
4th - 13th

The 2019 Festival is now over

The Festival is over for this year. We return in October 2020 with more great music.

Our 2019 audience was a record - 1,264 people attended our events, and average of over 60 for each event. This was in spite of bad weather keeping audiences down for some events.

Particular highlights, and our largest audiences, were for:

Listen to the River - the musical performed by St Saviour's School - 122 people in the audience. We'll be back there with another musical next year.

Junior Open Mic - young people having a chance to perform, again great crowd - 104 people

South London Jazz Orchestra - an audience of 73, even though the weather forced them to play inside Brockwell Hall. If they'd played outside as planned there could have been 100 more.

Faith i Branko, packing Off the Cuff with 80 people

Nkomba, packing the Community Greenhouse, a classical recital to raise funds for the development charity Practical Action, and Safety Last, a hilarious silent film with music by Ashley Valentine - all hitting 70.

And every other event had a good audience as well - no thin crowds this year. We'll post a more complete report here in a week or so.

Meanwhile, note the dates of the 2020 Festival - OCTOBER 9th - 18th.