Herne Hill Music
Festival 2019. Oct. 4th-13th
Programme Folk Of Dog Kennel Hill

Folk of Dog Kennel Hill

Canopy Beer

Arch 1127 Bath Factory Estate, 41 Norwood Road
SE24 9AJ


The Champion Hillbillies

The Champion Hillbillies

The Champion Hillbillies won their champion title not simply because they all reside on or about Champion Hill. It's also because they're the champion rowdy hillbilly band in the hills of South London. They have played many venues in them hills, as far east as the Kidbrooke Beer Festival and as far west as Brixton's Windmill and Pop Brixton. In 2017, they left the hills to perform in the woods of the Wilderness Festival. But whether they're invited to play or they just turn up and start busking, the Champion Hillbillies most enjoy playing near beer.

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Ben Holland

Ben Holland

Ben Holland is a prodigious songwriter with more than an album ayearfor the past five years.2018's album is planned for this summer.Described as 'London's hardest working busker', Ben's performances solo or with a band are just a captivating as his voice and not to be missed.

'Ben brings a genuine sincerity to his work and gives your restless heart a soft place to rest its weary head.' Fresh Independence

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Prints of Whales

Prints of Whales

Thirty one taut strings. Eight sound holes. Fiddle, banjo, lap steel, saw, double bass, drums and a national guitar. It can only be the Prints of Whales. Their latest album, Deep Song, was released in May.

A blue whale can eat up to 7,715 pounds of krill (small shrimp-like organisms) every day, and blue whales have the biggest everything on the planet. The smallest whale is the pigmy sperm whale. They are deep divers.

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