Herne Hill Music
Festival 2018. Oct. 5th-14th
Programme Dance With The Winds

Dance with the Winds

The Oak Building, Herne Hill School

The Old Vicarage, 127 Herne Hill
SE24 9LY


London Consorts of Winds

The London Consorts of Winds commissioned 7 teams each of a composer and a choreographer to create new pieces. Each teams worked with one ensemble in the London Consorts of Winds. Today we present the pieces that have created. They are:

Janet Oates and Irene Fiordilino - Dryads
Zillah Myers and Alistair Wroe - The Sea Witch
Angela Slater and Sara Rĝisland Torsvik - The Glaciate Falls
David Bentley and Justyna Sochaj - Invisible Cities
John Holland and Alice Weber - Grasp
Martin Humphries and Yeonsoo Do - Kukolnost
Alan Taylor and Zosia Jo - Adrift

website of London Consorts of Winds

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The event, Dance with the Winds, will take place at The Oak Building, Herne Hill School, and it will feature: London Consorts of Winds, and the dance company.

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