Herne Hill Music Festival

OCT 2020
9th - 18th

xSilent Film and Music

St Faith's Church

62 Red Post Hill
SE24 9JQ



Join us for a classic silent film, Harold Lloyd's 'Safety Last' - with live piano accompaniment from Ashley Valentine - for the finale of the 2019 Herne Hill Music Festival.

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Harold Lloyd - Safety Last

Safety Last! (1923)

Harold Lloyd kisses his girlfriend goodbye and heads to the big city to make his fortune. Weeks pass and despite Harold sending home expensive gifts and claiming that he's in charge of a department store, he's actually a lowly clerk who struggles to pay his rent. Just when things couldn't get any worse, his roommate gets into trouble with an officious cop and his girlfriend turns up at work asking to speak to the manager. Desperate, Harold hatches a terrifying plan that could either save the day or risk his whole world coming tumbling down!†

Ashley Valentine

Ashley Valentine

Ashley Valentine†began learning to play the piano with an elderly teacher who told him stories of her career as a cinema organist, 'before the talkies came along'. She encouraged Ashley to become a cathedral chorister and at the age of twelve, an organist at a local church.†It was whilst he was getting up early on Sunday mornings that Ashley discovered repeats of black and white films on TV starring Laurel & Hardy, Buster Keaton & Charlie Chaplin. He loved listening to the jazzy accompaniments and attempting to recreate them on his piano - and sometimes on the organ before services! Ashley went on to study music at the University of York and is now a busy choir director, teacher, recitalist and the organist behind 'Organoke' nights, which take place at St Giles' Church in Camberwell.

Harold Lloyd - Safety Last
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