Herne Hill Music Festival

OCT 2022
7th - 16th

Cost of Living Concert

Follow the link to the details of the 10th December concert raising funds if food charities helping people in need with the rising cost off living.

The 2022 Festival - record audiences

Taking all our 22 events together, we had a record audience in 2022. 1,698 audience members attended the events, up more than 300 from 2021. The average number of people at events was 77, also up sharply from previous years, and double the average from when we started 12 years ago.

We were helped by good luck with the weather, with a fine afternoon for our two bandstand events, and any serious rain held off until just after our final event finished.

Some of our events attracted more people than previous years for specific reasons, but in most cases it was simply a matter of more people turning up. For instance, we have a Jazz Jam in the programme every year, always in much the same format, but this year the audience shot up by 34 to reach 89, a record attendance.

In 2021 we had what was then a record audience, and it looked as though we had attracted more younger people while older people were maybe reluctant to come to concerts in crowded rooms. This year it seems we kept our new larger young audience, but more older people came to events as well.

Our web publicity reached more people than ever before, and in October our web site had the largest number of visits it has ever received. Most people learn about Festival events by word-of-mouth or from the programmes we deliver door-to-door. A third of our audience comes from Herne Hill, with another third from neighbouring areas and the rest from across London.

Planning for 2023 starts soon, and we would welcome in fact we really need more people to join our team. Get in touch if you are interested.

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